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iGUIDE TECHNOLOGY - 3D Virtual Tours and Floor Plans - we do the measuring for you!

iGUIDE photographer Paul Madden will quickly and efficiently create 360 degree virtual views, floor plans, professional photos and room dimensions for your listing.

​iGuide is a complete, immersive listing solution for real estate that offers buyers and sellers an incredible understanding of perception and space.

See an iGuide created by Madden Photography

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 iGuide Packages                                               


Interactive Floor Plan
Interactive Floor Plans
PDF Floor Plans
PDF Floor Plans
360 Degree HDR Views of all Rooms
360 Degree Views of all Rooms
Standard Room Dimensions
Standard room Dimensions
Still Photo Gallery - min 21
Still Photo Gallery -min 21

Enhanced Detail in Floor Plans (doors appliances, and fixtures)

Aerial Photos and video also available to enhance any iGuide shoot. Please call for more information.  

* All properties should be Ready for shooting by appointment time or may require rescheduling. The photographer does not participate in staging or decluttering of the property. Cancellations or rescheduling without a minimum of 24 hours notice will result in $50 service charge.
** Exterior re-shoot requests -  billable and based on time and mileage.

*** Travel over 50K one way will be subjected to $0.40 per kilometer. Finished Square footage over 2600 ft. subjected to $0.08 per sq/ft. 

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